The Crown Prince presides over the Throne Cup Polo Final

Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan presided today at the Souissi Polo Club, affiliated with the Royal Guard, the final match of the first round for the conquest of the Polo Throne Cup.

The Royal Guard team was crowned champion of the tournament after its superiority in the final match over the Al-Nakhil Polo Club team of Asilah Giron-Hermes, with a quota of five free goals.

The Royal Guard team reached the final match of the Throne Cup after their victory in the semifinals against the team of the Royal School of Cavalry of Temara, by 5-3; While the Nakhil Polo Club Asilah “Geron Hermes” reached the same role at the expense of the Jnane Ammar Club of Marrakech, defeating it by a quota of 10 to 5.

Upon his arrival at the headquarters of the Swiss Polo Club, Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan was received by the Major General, Commander of the Royal Guard and President of the Royal Moroccan University of Polo.

After Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan reviewed a group of saluting Royal Guards, he greeted His Highness, Minister for Agriculture, Marine Fisheries, Rural Development, Water and Forests, General Doucour Darmy, Inspector General of the Royal Armed Forces , Commander of the Southern Region, and General de Bricade, Cavalry Inspector and General Writer of the Ministry of National Education, Primary Education and Sports.

The governor of the Rabat-Salé-Kenitra region, the head of the region’s council, the officers of the organizing committee of the Royal Guard and the heads of the participating polo clubs also greeted the Crown Prince.

Subsequently, Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan joined the official platform, before the launch of the competition, and following the final phases of the Throne Cup, which brought together the Royal Guard and the Patrick Guerrand-Hermès la Palmeraie Polo Club. .

At the end of this sporting event, which was organized by the Royal Moroccan Polo University, Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan presented the award for the first session of the Polo Throne Cup to the dean of the winning team, then took a photo of memory. taken from him with the participating teams.