“Moroccan bibliography”… Follow-up of the result of the book and desire to integrate “digital literature”

With the publication of each annual issue of the “Moroccan National Bibliography”, researchers and readers have the opportunity to see the result of the national written production and learn about the transformations of the edition, its fields and languages.

One of the challenges faced by the “national bibliography” is the integration of the written balance published digitally, to include it in the annual numbers prepared and issued by the National Library, which is a detailed report that tracks the movement of authorship and publication in the country, based on the bibliography that monitors legally deposited books.

The presentation of the latest numbers of the bibliography, corresponding to the year 2021, stated that it is “suitable for monitoring the Moroccan production of books (…) in addition to helping to accurately identify the various transformations and renewed interests in the fields of writing and literary paternity.”

Muhammad Al-Farran, Director of the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco, said that “issuing the national bibliography is one of the most important functions performed by national libraries in the world, each of which must prepare a bibliography.”

Al-Fran added, in statements to Hespress: “This bibliography puts everything that was published in the country, with all the meaning of the word everything,” based on “a legal situation that requires that any author or any publisher that has published a book or magazine to present 4 copies for legal deposit in the library.” patriotism, two of them are intended for reading, and one remains to be preserved and intact; Because the mission of the National Library is to preserve the Moroccan memory”.

The director of the National Library continued: “The bibliography gives us two affirmations. The first is that it allows searching in books issued during a year, thus helping researchers, teachers and students to reference what was done in a given year, and the second is that it provides us, as a national library, with other information.. Through From it we know, for example, the areas of writing and its transformations in Morocco, and the use of languages ​​in writing, for example, increases publication in English and Spanish compared to other years, and less use of other languages. ”

The deponent affirmed that this information “can be delivered to the decision makers, so that they take it into account.”

Al-Farran added: “The basis of the national bibliography is that it is the role that any national library should play, knowing that Morocco is one of the first countries to establish the legal deposit agency in 1932.”

The Director of the National Library noted that “one of the challenges is that legal deposit numbers are no longer given only to books and magazines; Because we are in a time when books and magazines are also digital”, then added: “Now we are trying to renew the laws related to this field, so that the bibliography can also contain everything related to digital media, since reading is no longer limited to the book.”