Higher education professors decide to boycott “university admission”

Reading the articles of some newspapers for the beginning of the week, we started with “Al-Masaa”, which stated that professors will boycott university admissions from September 19, due to the inability of the ministry, the sector’s guardian, to respond to your demands.

He added that the Moroccan Union for Higher Education and Scientific Research confirmed that it is preparing to engage in all forms of protest until the researchers’ legitimate demands are met.

We read in the materials of the same newspaper that wolves attack the Douares in the Taounate region every time darkness falls in search of prey and drinking water, after these predators can no longer live in the wild due to the disappearance of dry pastures and eyes and watercourses.

He added that the attack on the attacked neighborhoods is carried out by packs of wolves, which means that the dogs cannot face them, and pointed out that this phenomenon has caused a state of terror among the population, and the elimination of many poultry and some animals that cannot defend themselves.

“Al-Massa” also referred to the news of the postponement of the trial of the former mayor of Marrakech and his deputy until October 13, due to the change of one of the members of the commission. The two defendants are being prosecuted for waste of public funds and involvement in the “COP22” deal negotiation case.

And to the “Moroccan events”, which published that educational institutions live to the rhythm of overcrowding, since the regional director of the Ministry of National Education, Primary Education and Sports in Salé recognized the existence of emergency overcrowding in a series of institutions educational institutions in Al-Ayyada district, where the management works through its interests, the main one of which is the Department of Planning and Administrations of Educational Institutions, in cooperation with local authorities and other partners, to study the great demand for schooling and guarantee this right as a priority
In other news, the newspaper reports that lymphoma affects hundreds of Moroccans annually, adding that the prevalence of this cancer in Morocco represents 50 percent of all cases of malignant blood diseases, while the incidence ranges from 4 and 6 percent, with new infections. reaching between 4 and 6 percent, 4 and 5.3 cases per 100,000 inhabitants per year, and a clear outbreak of infection in the age group of 40 years and over.

In the same context, Dr. Mariam Ahnach, a member of the Moroccan Society of Hematology, indicated that the epidemiological data available to the association indicate that lymphoma in recent years has known a wide spread among citizens, and attributed the The reasons for this are the aging of the population and the progress made at the diagnostic level.

For its part, “Bayan Al-Youm” reported that the Regional Council of the National Union of Education, affiliated to the Democratic Confederation of Labor in the El Jadida region, recently held a warning sit-in in front of the Regional Directorate in protest against the which he called improvisation and uncertainty, which he said characterized the process of entering the school. The regional council also signed the school admission failure, considering what it described as a set of imbalances attributed to the mismanagement of the regional director, who said that it lacks a clear vision, is characterized by temperament and a unilateral measure without the participation of the social parties. , the tomb of the regional committee, and the fight against serious union work that refuses to lie down and share the cake.

And another news item on the same media platform said that the “A” Association for Animal Welfare and Nature Protection – Taza branch continues with a wide-ranging campaign it recently launched to sterilize stray dogs.[َآ”لرعايةالحيواناتوحمايةالطبيعة-فرعتازةتواصلحملةواسعةأطلقتهامؤخرالتعقيمالكلابالضالة[َآ”لرعايةالحيواناتوحمايةالطبيعة-فرعتازةتواصلحملةواسعةأطلقتهامؤخرالتعقيمالكلابالضالة

The newspaper added, according to media sources, that the operations are based on male castration and removal of female ovaries, in an experiment considered the first of its kind in the Fez-Meknes region.

As for “Al-Alam”, he referred to the exit of the main French companies from Morocco. A few days ago, the Moroccan Capital Markets Authority announced the deposit of a draft mandatory public offering of withdrawal aimed at shares of the French company “Lydec ”, which is in charge of the delegated management of electricity, water and liquid disinfection in Casablanca. He added that this is the latest development in a series of withdrawals of large French companies from Morocco that have been announced since the beginning Confirmed news is also circulating that Bank Al-Maghrib, a bank affiliated with the French group “Credit Agriculture”, has reached an agreement with the group “Holmalcom”, owned by a Moroccan, to acquire the shares of the branch of the banking group in Morocco, and this agreement was officially signed.