A training program to return Ihtarin to the Dutch stadiums

A training program to return Ihtarin to the Dutch stadiums
Photo: AFP

Sunday 18 September 2022 – 13:17

The management of the Dutch team Ajax Amsterdam has developed a special training program for Mohamed Ihtarin, the Dutch player of Moroccan origin, with the aim of making him return to the stadiums in the next period.

And the Dutch newspaper “NOS” revealed that the Ajax administration assigned coach Gerald Vanenburg to prepare two physically confused for the next matches, after he was absent for a period due to problems experienced by the player in the last period.

The same media specified that the player began, since last August, in the physical rehabilitation stage, after previously going through sessions with a psychiatrist, to overcome the difficult situation he is going through as a result of receiving threats of physical liquidation. because of his relationship with one of the girls and his family’s rejection of him.

Ahtarin lived through the impact of many psychological problems after the death of his father, before they developed after his unsuccessful transfer to the Italian League; What kept him away from the courts for a long time, due to the lack of preparation.

It is noteworthy that the Dutch player of Moroccan origin has not yet chosen to represent the national team of his country of origin, Morocco, despite several previous attempts by the Royal Moroccan Football Association, ​​where he played in all the age categories for the Dutch Mills team. .

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