The opening of the National Film Festival honors Al-Sael and Abderrahmane Tazi in Tangier

The 22nd edition of the Tangier National Film Festival, which is organized from September 16 to 24, opened yesterday afternoon, after being postponed for two years due to the circumstances imposed by the Corona pandemic.

The opening ceremony of the festival was attended by the Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, Mohamed El Mahdi Bensaïd, who presented a shield of honor to the wife of the late film critic and producer Noureddine Al-Sael, considered one of the pioneers of the seventh art in Morocco, in addition to a shield of honor for the director and writer Mohamed Abdel Rahman Tazi.

In this sense, Minister Mahdi Bensaid has pointed out, in statements to the electronic newspaper Hespress, that “the Tangier National Film Festival returns after a break of more than two years due to the epidemic, and it is an opportunity to evoke the spirit of the artists who left us after years of artistic dedication, as well as the role of the ministry”.

In his speech, Bensaid indicated that since the appointment of the Government and the Ministry, work has been done to strengthen this field, “which he considers very important to provide new job opportunities and create real wealth in the film industry in particular and culture in general, because the latter is considered in most countries among the strongest industries”.

The ceremony was also marked by the influx of a large number of people from the arts and cinema, including Hind Benjebara, Malika Ammari, Salah El-Din Benmoussa, Maryam Al-Zaimi, Rabie El Kati, Souad Al-Najjar, Nisreen Al- Radius. , Mohamed Al-Shoubi, Malek Akhamis and others.

It should be noted that the program for this course includes three contests, the first for feature films, the second for fiction short films and the third for documentary films.

The festival program also includes the “Film Market”, a space dedicated to discussing issues of film distribution and exploitation in the era of digitization and new forms of presentation and distribution, as well as professional meetings to raise issues of interest to reality national. the cinema and the perspectives of its development, and present the cinematographic results of the years 2020 and 2021; Not to mention other parallel activities.

As for the jury committees of the festival’s contests, which include various profiles; The Feature Films Committee, headed by Idris Anwar, an expert in the audiovisual sector and former deputy general manager in charge of technology and production at Channel 2, is made up of the director and ballet dancer Lahcen Zainoun, the writer and poet Soraya Magdalene, the film critic Mohamed Tarous, and journalist and film critic Bilal Marmaid, as well as composer and musician Belaid Al-Akkaf, and writer Bushra Bouluiz.

The short film competition jury, headed by director Laila Triki, includes director Ghazlan Asif, journalist Ikram Zayed, poet Mohamed Abed, as well as fashion designer Bushra Boumarij.

As for the jury for the documentary feature film competition, it is chaired by the director Daoud Awlad El-Sayed, and made up of the director Maryam Ait Belhossein, and the researcher in the field of manuscripts and historical documents, Abdelwahab Sibawayh.

During the closing ceremony of the festival, the jury of this edition will distribute 19 prizes within the three mentioned contests; This includes Festival Grand Prize, Production Prize, Jury Prize, First Play Prize, Directing Prize, Screenplay Prize, First Prize for Female Role, First Prize for Male Role , the second prize for the female role, the second prize for the male role. award, photography award, sound award, and sound award, “Editing” Composition Award and Original Music.

The National Film Festival is considered a national cinematographic phenomenon of an artistic, cultural and promotional nature that aims to promote the development of Moroccan cinema and encourage the work of professionals in the sector, as well as providing a space for meeting, interaction and exchange. according to the same source.