Tan-Tan students benefit from “one million wallets”

Tan-Tan students benefit from "million wallets"
Photo: WAM

Saturday 17 September 2022 – 01:15

A total of 8,479 male and female students in the province of Tan-Tan benefit from the real initiative “One Million Portfolios”, with the 2022-2023 school entrance fee, under the slogan “For quality education for all”.

According to data from the Regional Directorate of National Education, the total number of beneficiaries is distributed among primary schools with 8,451 male and female students, and high school with 28.

Regarding the school support program, the same source indicated that 158 ​​male and female students are expected to benefit from school transportation in the local communities of Lamsid, Talmzoun, Ben Khalil and Chebeka, as well as some 2,027 female students in the school. canteens

And 21,091 male and female students entered classes in various educational institutions in the region, including 10,342 female students, distributed between 18,279 in public education and 2,812 in the private sector.

The data indicated that the number of students enrolled in primary education departments amounted to 1,059 boys and girls, including 976 in public education.

The number of public educational institutions in the region reached 42 institutions, including 23 primary institutions, 10 secondary and preparatory educational institutions, 9 qualified secondary educational institutions, as well as 14 private educational institutions.

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