Amadou Ba appointed Prime Minister of Senegal

Amadou Ba appointed Prime Minister of Senegal
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Saturday 17 September 2022 – 16:21

Senegalese President Macky Sall appointed Amadou Ba as prime minister on Saturday.

Amadou Ba’s appointment comes a few days after the inauguration of the new National Assembly that emerged from the legislative elections that took place on July 31.

Amadou Ba is the fourth person appointed to this position after Abdoul Mbaye, Aminata Toure and Bon Abdallah Dion.

Amadou Ba served as Minister for Foreign Affairs and Senegalese Abroad from 2019-2020. In the Toure government (September 2, 2013), he was appointed Minister of Economy and Finance, succeeding Amadou Kan.

Macky Sall, who was re-elected as head of state, announced the reinstatement of the post of Prime Minister on November 24, 2021, after it was abolished in 2019. The National Assembly approved a bill on the matter on December 10.

On Friday night, President Macky Sall highlighted that among the main tasks of the new government, the launch of broad consultations and new measures at the social level.

The Senegalese president stressed that “measures to reduce the cost of living, support employment and entrepreneurship of young people, and combat floods (…) are at the forefront of priorities”.

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