Youth “Al-Misbah” gathers 410 conferences in Bouznika

youth "Flashlight" 410 conferences gathered in Bouznika
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Friday 16 September 2022 – 23:26

Under the slogan “a renewed youth struggle for democratic election and social justice”, the activities of the seventh session of the National Youth Congress for Justice and Development will take place this weekend, from Friday afternoon to Sunday. , at the Moulay Rachid Complex for Youth and Sports in Bouznika.

Hassan Hammouro, president of the Presidency Committee of the VII National Youth Congress of the Party, revealed in a press release that he made this Friday night, on the occasion of the opening of the conference, that “the total number of congresses it is 410, of which 66 are women, that is, 16 percent”, highlighting that at 6:00 p.m. this Friday, attendance amounted to 230 conferences, which represents 56 percent of the number of conferences.

He added that the academic level of the two congresses is determined at the university level by 100 percent, of which 61 percent have university studies, pointing out that the average age of the congresses is 30 years.

He revealed that the Youth for Justice and Development organized -in the framework of the preparation process- 80 mandatory general assemblies to elect delegates, pointing out that the number of these days is equivalent to the number of regional youth writings. He added that “Al-Misbah Youth holds its regular conference every four years.”

Throughout the night from Friday to Saturday, the literary and economic reports are discussed and considered in the framework of an internal opening session.

It should be noted that the plenary session of the seventh “Pegidi” conference will be marked tomorrow Saturday by the presence and participation of the Secretary General of the party, Abdelilah Benkirane, accompanied by the National Youth Writer, Mohamed Amkraz, and the head of the Organization of Student Renewal, Mustafa Al-Alawi.

Hammourou also indicated, in his statement, that the youth called a number of personalities to attend the work of the conference, headed by party leaders and representatives of all the youth of the party in Morocco. He also summoned the Minister of Youth, Culture and Communication, and various personalities from the world of art, sports and culture.

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