Wehbe calls for support for “Independence” candidates

Wehbe asks for the support of the candidates "Independence"
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Friday 16 September 2022 – 19:14

Abdellatif Wehbe, general secretary of the Authenticity and Modernity Party, called on his party’s activists in Casablanca’s Ain Cheq district to vote for the Istiqlal Party’s candidate in the September 29 by-election elections.

In a directive to party members at the Casablanca level, members of the Chamber of Industry, Commerce and Services, Abdellatif Wehbe called for a vote for the independent candidate Hassan El Berkani, who is running for president on behalf of the majority.

The directive issued by Wehbe confirmed that “Al-Bam” decided not to run for these two merits, and supported the candidacy of his allies in the government majority.

The same source stressed that this decision comes “after extensive deliberations and responsible consultations among the party leadership, based on reports that include all data related to nominations for the Ain Shaq and House constituencies.”

The Istiqlal Party is known to enter on behalf of Ismail Benabi to compete for the parliamentary seat in the local constituency of Ain Chek in Casablanca; Meanwhile, Bassem Hassan Al-Barakani, the president ousted by the court, enters the competition again for the presidency of the largest professional chamber in the Kingdom.

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