The ‘Jorh’ series pays tribute to Morocco… and the ‘dramas’ are back with a vengeance

The powerful Moroccan artist Rachid Al-Wali made an appointment with his fans through his new work, “Jorh”, which is shown on MBC5 from Monday to Thursday, with the participation of a group of the brightest stars of the art scene. Moroccan.

In an interview with the online newspaper Hespress, Rachid El-Wali talks about the details of the Jourh series, including the story of the play and the character it embodies, as well as the secret behind the superiority of dramas in recent years.

Tell us about the “Jourh” series, which aired on “MBC 5” channel.

Joroh is one of the last series I worked on last year with Sigma, and it was written by Yahya Vande and Adnan Mohaja. Around him, he has a group of lands and is married to two women, while at the same time he has a heavy past that he tries to overcome after a young woman returns to avenge her parents.

Among the things that I liked about Jrouh is the way of writing, the positioning of the characters, the sequence of events, as well as the way of working of the director Actaris, who put all his efforts and was listening. We also formed a cell that takes care of everything, big and small, so we didn’t shoot the scene until after it was agreed, as each actor was doing the best they could.

What about the character of “Al-Wafi” that you embodied in the play?

“Al-Wafi” is a new character for me, of course, but I belong to the diagnosticians and my acting school, so I can play any role. But I am not always given these roles, by virtue of the form, as well as my mastery of a group of roles close to the viewer and positive; We see this all over the world, for example, Amitabh Bachchan and Shah Rukh Khan can play any role, but they always play the role of a good hero who is close to people’s hearts.

In this job, I was challenged to play a role that people hate and sympathize with at the right time, and I devoted all my time to this, and thank God, it was an unparalleled success, and I was pleased with the interaction of the people . and admiration for my mastery of this type of paper.

Are Moroccan playwrights today capable of this kind of work?

Today we have technicians and producers, and what we often lack is that people care about the drama of their country, so when we show our work through large channels that Arabs watch, we must pay attention to the fact that we are working. about the image of the country, the national flag and the Moroccan artist, and we must know that we are ambassadors of our country.

That’s why I feel very happy when I find producers who respect God and provide their country with suitable jobs like other countries. In addition, quality is an important factor to take into account, although other countries have more potential than the one given to Moroccan work. Today, the Moroccan artist and producer is ready and has all the potential for creativity and excellence.

Is there a second part of “Wounds”?

Unfortunately, after the commotion about the stage of the play and the statements of Mujahid, who said that it is something similar to what he wrote earlier, the case is still in court and the channel decided to stop this process.

Now there is no second part, until the judiciary says its word, or we move on to something else, because the one who causes “wounds” is capable of doing another better work, God willing.

After the success of working on the “Shahid” platform, do you expect the same after it is shown on TV?

The work has achieved great success in “Shahid”, and now people are waiting for it, and thank God for the presence of “MBC5”, because not everyone owns the platform, and they do not have this means to participate. and see what is presented. plays; That is why we were waiting for this program on television, for several reasons, among them our pride in presenting a work that honors Morocco and Moroccans, and honors the Moroccan actor and technician, and also honors the sets in which we filmed, while traveling. and he didn’t just film in the Casablanca region, and the production company didn’t skimp on us because their main concern was to present a business that competes with other businesses.

When “Jourh” was shown on the “Shahid” platform, it competed with great works and with enormous capabilities, and competed with them and took first place, knowing that it was only in the first season and contained 15 episodes, each for half an hour. .

In recent years, dramas have overtaken comedies, what do you think is the reason?

Dramas are loved by people because of their closeness, plus they often give them enough time to write and plot, while comedies are made in a way that has a lot of speed… We can’t just rely on giving a certain position to an actor because he makes us laugh with populism and a method in which there is a lot of recklessness.

That’s why comedies have a set of criticisms, plus the task of making people laugh is more difficult than making them cry, because when you strike a chord and a moment of pain or weakness appears, these things are close. people and touch their feelings if there is a good plot and acting.

Praise God, we are glad that drama has made a strong comeback in recent years, thanks to the interest that national channels have given to this type of work, and they have also started to present works without judging them, because it requires chaos. discover and judge; Therefore, I congratulate all those who contributed to raising the level of Moroccan theater.