“Taxi drivers” and business owners testify about the abuse of Moroccan women

Taxi drivers and grocery store owners testified to cases of violence against women who had seen signs of violence.

They spoke during a seminar held in Casablanca on Thursday that their work made them stand up to cases of women who were subjected to violence, without knowing how to treat them, and they recorded through their testimonies that battered women knocked on their doors, either to obtain economic aid or to transport them to their families or to road stations.

One of the drivers said during the seminar: “We constantly meet battered women, we take them to their destinations, but we were not aware of the existence of monitoring cells for battered women in hospitals or police offices, as well as the Public Ministry. ”

The same spokesperson added: “We did not know how to deal with these cases, but today, after the training we received within the association, we are providing services to battered women, and we contacted the association immediately after a violent woman was in the taxi.

The driver himself stressed that, as a professional, he has realized today that “the battered woman can be transferred to the hospital with the presence of a cell in it,” adding: “The training was very useful to us and we now know how deal with these cases.

As for the owner of a grocery store, he pointed out that neighborhood stores deal more with battered women, since they go to them immediately after leaving the house, sometimes to give them a sum of money for transportation.

The same spokesman recorded that the majority of neighborhood merchants “consider the first destination of battered women, but do not know how to treat them, other than giving them money to travel by taxi.”

The same trader added: “During the training we received from Al-Tahadi Association today, we can direct abused women to the association’s listening centers or listening centers in hospitals and security departments.”

Bushra Abdo, director of the Challenge Association for Equality and Citizenship, which organized the meeting, in partnership with the Hearts of Mercy Association and the Association for the Development of Feminist Creativity, confirmed that the project “We All Report on Violence Against Women” aims to “sensitize all the groups that are in charge of the bodies where battered women meet with the need to denounce these cases that are found daily.

The director of the association explained, in a speech, that this project, organized with the support of the French Embassy in Rabat, “came to respond to the immediate needs of combating violence against women by civil actors who are present throughout the day at the service of citizens, arming themselves with abundant information to denounce gender-based violence as a first and fundamental step to end impunity”.

The women’s associations behind this project are committed to drivers, shopkeepers, pharmacists and religious guides who have a direct relationship with women on a daily basis, to contribute to reporting cases of violence.