Obligation to investigate accommodation in university residences

Obligation to investigate accommodation in university residences

Friday 16 September 2022 – 09:15

The head of the Progress and Socialism team in the House of Representatives, Rachid Hamouni, requested the formation of a temporary reconnaissance mission on the conditions and conditions of residence in the university neighborhoods, after the fire in a wing of the university neighborhood in Oujda, which caused the death of the two students and left several wounded of varying severity, as well as considerable material losses.

The temporary reconnaissance mission, in accordance with the request addressed to the head of the Education, Culture and Communication Commission of the same city council, a copy of which is available to Hespress, aims to obtain answers to a set of questions and queries, which Hamouni included in a technical sheet attached to the request in order to prepare a report on it.

Based on the aforementioned technical sheet, the reconnaissance mission will include university campuses and student residences, in order to know the accommodation conditions, conditions and criteria to obtain residence in them, and their availability on the conditions of health security and the quality of the services they provide. its facilities and spaces, in addition to seeing the quality of the meals Introduction.

The mission aims to hold meetings with officials from the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation, the director and officials of the Office of Social and Cultural Works of the National University, and directors and officials of university campuses in Morocco; It will also raise, according to its technical sheet, some questions classified as “important”, the most important being the procedures and measures adopted to rehabilitate university campuses, how to manage and manage their facilities and spaces, how to benefit from and exploit them, and the conditions and conditions safety and environmental health available on university campuses, in order to prepare a detailed report that includes all the stages and procedures of the mission, and a proposal for the conclusions and recommendations of the committee.

In the same context, Parliamentarian Farida Khiniti from the Progress and Socialism Party, Houria Didi from the Authenticity and Modernity Party and Latifa al-Sharif from the Socialist Union Party sent written questions to Abdellatif Mirawi, Minister of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation. , on the circumstances of the fire The University District of Oujda and the Conditions of Student Accommodation in the Various University Districts of Morocco.

The parliamentarians questioned Minister Al-Mirawi about the reasons for the accident and the procedures and measures adopted by his ministry in this regard to prevent a recurrence, and in order to strengthen the security and surveillance system on university campuses and improve conditions accommodation, in accordance with the regulations in force in this section.

And a fire described as “massive” broke out around six in the morning last Monday, reaching a male wing in the university district of Oujda, causing the death of two students and injuring others with burns of varying severity.

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