Two peasants killed and 14 injured in traffic accident

Two peasants killed and 14 injured in traffic accident
Photos: Hespress

Thursday 15 September 2022 – 10:50

Two agricultural workers died on the spot (a man and a woman) and another 14 were seriously injured in a traffic accident that occurred today, Thursday, in the irrigated orbit of the Youssef bin Tashfin dam, after a collision between a bus carrying farm workers and a light car.

Hespress sources reported that among those injured in this incident, which occurred specifically in the “Ano Al-Jadid” district on the ground of the Ait Amira commune, Chtouka Ait Baha province, are agricultural workers who work on farms scattered throughout area. .

Ambulances went to the scene of the accident and evacuated the injured, some seriously, to the Al-Mukhtar Soussi hospital in Boukri and to the Hassan II hospital in Agadir.

While the local authorities and civil protection went to the scene, the Royal Gendarmerie of Ait Amira carried out an inspection report on this incident, and supervised the transfer of the corpses to the morgue of the Hassan II Hospital in Agadir, in order to subject them to a medical autopsy, while the injured receive the necessary examinations and treatments.

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