The union calls for an investigation into the Oujda fire

Union calls for investigation "fire of ujda"

Thursday 15 September 2022 – 02:30

The regional office of the National University of Education-Democratic Orientation in the East asked to “disclose all the facts related to the incident in which the (E) wing of the university district of the First Mohammed University in Oujda was exposed to a fire, as the random management of the university district administratively and financially, through a credible investigative committee.”

The union office said, in a statement that Hespress received a copy of: “The tragedy that occurred in the Oujda university district is a blatant headline for managing the overwhelming mood and chaos that prevails in the district’s facilities and spaces. university in Oujda, which was the subject of a warning and protest by the branch of the National Union of Higher Education Workers in the university district of Mohamed University The former, who is affiliated with our union, and the latter is his statement denouncing the felling of neighboring trees without taking into account the deterioration of the environmental situation and without taking into account the current administrative procedure.

The statement called for “revealing the whole truth about the causes of the fire, security measures, rescue and rapid intervention, and treatment conditions in local hospitals; As one of the paramount rights of students and citizens alike, immediate release of the results of the alleged investigation into the University District’s random logging.”

The document also called for “providing adequate sanctions to preserve the rights of students and employees, in accordance with the principle of no impunity and linking responsibility to accountability, especially with regard to the replaced mattresses that contributed to the extinction of the flames. , who were transferred after the accident”.

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