Red algae mobilize the Agadir group

Red algae mobilize the Agadir group
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Thursday 15 September 2022 – 08:22

After the appearance of red algae on the beach of Agadir, the Department of Environment and Quality of Life of the Dirt community inspected the algae that appeared on the city beach in recent days.

The group from Agadir has confirmed that these algae “do not pose any threat to public health, given that their appearance at this time of year is a natural phenomenon known on all the beaches of the Kingdom, whether at the level of the Mediterranean Sea or the ocean Atlantic”. .”

According to Abdelghani Bouaichi, vice president of the Agadir Soil Collective in charge of the environment and quality of life, the phenomenon “results from the mating of red algae in the deep sea, which leads to the deposition of large quantities of them in the beach in the form of carpets, a phenomenon that coincides with the end of summer”.

The elected official stressed that the Ministry of the Environment and Quality of Life is closely monitoring the situation for the safety of bathers, in addition to doubling cleaning campaigns to preserve the aesthetics of the beach.

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