Is the diplomatic crisis between Morocco and France going to get more complicated?

All the signs of a crisis, however silent, between Paris and Rabat seemed to float to the surface; Meanwhile, the French diplomatic vacuum in the Moroccan capital, after the change of ambassador, increased this crisis of its hidden space in the light.

Earlier, it was revealed that the French ambassador to Morocco, Helen Le Gall, was assigned a new diplomatic mission by the Elysée Palace, where she will be responsible for the European Department of Foreign Affairs in the European Union.

The features of this unprecedented diplomatic clash between Paris and Rabat began at the end of 2021, when France announced that it would reduce by 50% the number of visas granted to Moroccan citizens, due to Rabat’s “refusal” to return their citizens who are in an irregular situation. situation.

Rabat is not satisfied with the recent rapprochement between Paris and Algeria, after Macron’s official visit to the eastern neighbor, where he met with President Abdelmadjid Tebboune, with the signing of cooperation agreements.

Bearing in mind that the rate of French visas granted to Moroccans has reached 300,000 in recent years, the new Paris decision will cut them in half, depriving 150,000 Moroccans of visiting France.

Apart from the issue of visas, Paris has always supported the official Moroccan proposal, especially with regard to the Sahara issue, it supports the autonomy proposal presented by Morocco to resolve the regional conflict; He also supported the signing of the fishing agreement between the European Union and Morocco, which includes the waters adjacent to the territory of the Moroccan Sahara.

The analyst and researcher in international relations, Nabil Andalusi, points out that “all the indicators that are surfacing in Franco-Moroccan relations confirm that the crisis between the two countries has entered a dangerous turning point, and it is likely that further complicate and aggravate.”

The Moroccan analyst highlights, in statements to Hespress, “For the Kingdom of Morocco, the clarity of the position regarding the Moroccan nature of the Sahara has become a doctrine of the stage, in which the French State does not want to get involved, preferring to adopt a vague position that is not clear enough”.

The royal speech on the occasion of the commemoration of the 69th anniversary of the revolution of the king and the people underlined that clarity on the Moroccanness of the Sahara is “the lens through which Morocco looks at the world, and it is the clear and simple criterion by which measures the sincerity of friendships and the effectiveness of associations”.

The same analyst turns to the economic dimension of the crisis between the two countries, especially after France’s decline in the ranking and Spain’s progress in trade and economic relations with Rabat; The Kingdom has also become a real competitor for French companies on the African continent.

Andal-Andalusí stresses that “this fact deepens the tension of economic roots in part, due to the conflict and conflict of economic interests between the two countries, especially because the successive rulers of France, with their various party and ideological affiliations, consider Africa, and the benefits of the former French colonies, be the right of Mother France.” .

Among the indicators of the continuation of the crisis between the two countries is the worsening of the visa crisis on French soil, as former ministers, parliamentarians and economic actors have been denied visas; There is also talk of rejecting more than 70 percent of visa applications submitted by Moroccans.

The same analyst stands when “customs confiscate books addressed to the institutions of the French mission that include divided maps of Morocco, while allowing separatism to carry the flag of the fictitious republic inside the French parliament, and the deportation of a Moroccan imam ; These are all strong indicators of the continuation of the crisis between the two countries.”

The spokesman concluded his statement by saying: “Moroccan-French relations are deep and historic, but the current tension suggests that the crisis will drag on and not be resolved in the foreseeable future.”