Guards prevent a parliamentary reconnaissance mission from entering the Casablanca massacres

Well-informed sources revealed to Hespress that members of the temporary reconnaissance mission arranged by the Chamber of Deputies to learn about the distribution and marketing networks of agricultural products in our country were surprised, on Wednesday, by being prevented from visiting the massacres in the city of Casablanca. .

Hespress sources indicated that the parliamentarians visited the wholesale market of vegetables and fruits of the city of Casablanca around four in the morning, before going to visit the massacres of the city, but they were surprised that they were prevented from entering it by part of the authorities. security guards, claiming that the director of the Casablanca massacres was on vacation.

Hespress sources indicated that this incident caused great resentment among parliamentarians, especially since all the administrative arrangements were made for this visit.

Hespress learned that the parliamentarians made several contacts to fulfill their mission without success, before deciding to include in the report of the reconnaissance mission to prevent them from entering the Casablanca massacres.

The formation of this mission came in order to know the real reasons behind the increase in the prices of a series of agricultural products, especially since there is a great difference between the price of these products in the wholesale markets and the final price paid by the consumer.

A parliamentary source revealed, in a previous interview with Hespress, that this committee was formed immediately after the controversy caused by the alarming rise in prices of various agricultural products, especially tomato prices, which skyrocketed before last Ramadan.

The members of the exploratory mission are expected to visit the Inezgane wholesale fruit and vegetable market on September 19, and hold a meeting with the head of the collective council, and another meeting with the Regional Directorate of Agriculture, in the presence of the Moroccan Interprofessional Federation for the Production and Export of Fruit and Vegetables, at the headquarters of the Regional Directorate of Agriculture in Agadir.

In the same context, the exploratory mission will hold, on September 20, a meeting with some interprofessional and civic organizations of agriculture related to the theme of its mission and the Moroccan Association of Producers and Exporters of Fruit and Vegetables at the headquarters of the Chamber of Agriculture.

The office of the Chamber of Deputies had approved the formation of this task based on a request submitted by members of the Productive Sectors Commission.

The request of the aforementioned parliamentary commission arose at the request of the majority teams to carry out this exploratory mission, in order to determine the conditions for the distribution and marketing of agricultural products in the Kingdom, given the difficulties experienced by small and medium-sized companies . farmers in the sale of their products, speculative pressure and the multiplicity of intermediaries, which leads to the end The end result is a rise in sales prices to the final consumer.

The statutes of the House of Representatives provide that standing committees may, at the request of their chairman, after approval of the committee bureau, a team leader or one-third of the members of the committee, two or more of its members with a temporary position reconnaissance mission on the terms and conditions of application of a certain legislative text, or a topic of interest to society, or is related to an activity of the government, administrations, institutions and public procurement in accordance with the dispatch of the Parliament.

All parliamentary teams and groups are represented in temporary exploratory tasks if the number of members assigned to them is equal to the number of parliamentary teams and groups. The proportional representation rule is used in respect of the remaining seats after all parliamentary teams and groups have been represented, or in the event that the number of parliamentary teams and groups exceeds the total number of members assigned to the temporary exploratory mission.

The office of the Permanent Commission determines the number of deputies that it assigns with the exploratory mission, provided that it does not exceed 13 members nor is it less than two members. Parliamentary teams and groups may also delegate a representative or representatives from outside the commission that formed the reconnaissance mission, taking into account experience and specialization.

The reports of the exploratory missions are discussed in the presence of the government, which answers the questions and queries of the representatives.