Azoulay makes a distinction between Morocco and Singapore

Azoulay makes a distinction between Morocco and Singapore
Photo: WAM

Thursday 15 September 2022 – 06:30

Andre Azoulay, adviser to King Mohammed VI, said that Morocco and Singapore are among the limited countries in the world that “made their wealth and diversity an exemplary engine of their identity”, placing the two countries at a special level of “excellence”. and social modernity. .

This occurred during Azoulay’s participation in a symposium in Singapore, in front of hundreds of dignitaries from 40 countries, opened by President Halimah Yacoub, Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hussain Loong, and members of his government.

The royal adviser sees Singapore as a model whose economic, social and historical performance should be read “as the success (…) of a society that, over half a century, has built its national identity on the basis of legitimacy and calm and civic development for all its admirable religious, ethnic and cultural diversity”.

Azoulay also referred to “Morocco’s involvement in rooting and strengthening a project of society that is proud of the contributions of all the civilizations that have nurtured its history, and that today impose respect and listening to the country, as it is Singapore”, and adds: “They are models that emerge in a time whose fragility contributed to the tendency to antiquity (to which some cling), by some who do not know how to resist the deadly temptations of denial, cultural fissures and spiritual, and the amnesia dictated by its own historical inevitability.

The Moroccan official also presented the example of King Mohammed VI, “which reflects the opening in an Islamic land and reflects a model for the other to present himself to a global community in the process of seeking milestones.”

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