The government left the arena empty… we support full gender equality

Wholesale criticism directed by Nabil Benabdellah, general secretary of the Progress and Socialism Party, to the government of Aziz Akhannouch.

This occurred during a press conference offered by the Political Bureau of the Progress and Socialism Party this morning, Wednesday, on its XI national conference, which will be held next November.

Benabdellah said: “A year after this government took office, it turned out that it suffers from a real weakness and has left the arena empty.”

This weakness, according to the same rapporteur, is manifested in the weak political presence of the government, despite its presence in parliament and regional councils.

The Al-Kitab leader added: “The government is supposed to be present, communicating with the people and discussing with them, but it is noticeable that the government ministers do not fill the political arena, neither in the media nor in politics.”

He continued: “Several journalists told me that when they ask for dialogues with ministers, they refuse to do so”, noting that he does not know why ministers do not speak in the media, adding: “Ministers only speak in Parliament, because the The law requires them to do so.

He also criticized Prime Minister Aziz Akhannouch, saying: “It’s nice for him to hold partisan rallies, but the government must present to us what he has done.” proposals and criticism, stating: “When he received me, I suggested that he hold regular meetings with the opposition to inform them of what the government is doing and what it thinks, but none of that happened.”

Benabdellah indicated that previous heads of government used to hold meetings with opposition leaders, which the current prime minister did not do, considering that “the development model has been absent from the government, as summed up by the slogan of the social state in the universal health coverage”. , and this is a narrow concept”.

He also criticized the government for not taking practical steps to help citizens cope with the high cost of school supplies, saying, “The government could have allocated subsidies for school entrance, and this would have mobilized public opinion.” .

On the other hand, Nabil Benabdallah announced his party’s support for what was stated in the royal speech on the occasion of Throne Day on equality between men and women, noting that the party demands full equality between women and men.

Benabdellah said that the Progress and Socialism Party, which is preparing to hold its eleventh conference, does not operate only during the electoral period and closes its doors afterwards, awaiting the electoral process, noting that his party “has produced a political document of high level”. that includes a general diagnosis of the situation, and also of the alternative that it presents”. He added that “progress and socialism are not only opposition, but there are alternatives and proposals.”

On the other hand, the secretary general of the Party of Progress and Socialism pointed out that Morocco has advanced a lot in the file of its territorial integrity, and considered that this is what “explains the reactions of the opponents of Morocco, and the reckless step taken by the Tunisian president enters this context”.

Benabdellah has pointed out that Algeria is leading atrocious campaigns against Morocco, its institutions and its people, to the point that “the matter is a hidden hatred, and this was demonstrated by the aggression against young people in a sports competition.”