Investigation of a video at the Hospital Center of Settat

A video clip circulating electronically, obtained by Hespress, sparked a great controversy among social media activists in the city of Settat in particular, in which an emergency doctor from the Hassan II Hospital Center appears while exchanging conversations with the companion of a patient. in the capital of Chaouia, where he confronted her after she asked her relative for first aid. She shouts: “Long live Mohammed VI”, saying: “Go back to your nickname… and go to Mohammed VI and he will heal you”.

The video clip, which does not exceed nine seconds, documents the events that occurred in front of the emergency service of the Hassan II Hospital Center in Settat, in charge of one of the social and media actors of the same city, Bouchaib Al-Najjar, who explained in statements to Hespress that he was at the hospital yesterday to obtain a medical report of his interest, as he was surprised by the presence of “chaos” in the emergency services, “related to the doctor who insulted the name of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may God help him.”

Al-Najjar considered, in his statement, that the emergency service is the backbone of the Hassan II Hospital Center, and pointed out that the treating doctor left the department towards the door that leads to the administration, refusing to join his workplace. to attend to patients, which led to a conflict between the patients and the doctor, who asked them to protest against the management instead of going to him.

And Al-Jamawi himself added: “An escort of his sick mother, coming from the city of Ibn Ahmed, sought the help of the doctor in order to provide relief to the affected person, but he confronted her saying that she was not working, asking her to leave, before she answered him saying: “The hospital belongs to our master… and Mohammed VI lived”. He replied: “Go back to your nickname… and walk with Mohammed VI to heal yourself”, which was documented by the carpenter to prove the response of the doctor, who was besieged by the citizens.

The same spokesman added that the doctor was protected by private security, before public security intervened to restore things to their original state; Although the citizen did not record any follow-up against the doctor, in reference to the human rights organization he represents, which will issue a statement to local and national public opinion regarding what he called “the doctor’s slips,” and made a call to the competent authorities to intervene to reduce “the chaos that the Hassan II Hospital in Settat knows”.

The human rights activist threatened to organize a vigil in the coming days to alert officials to the “corruption that has spread in that health institution,” stressing that “the legitimate demands stipulated in the Moroccan constitution will not be compromised.” , and rated health. situation inside the Hassan II Hospital Center as “very disastrous”.

Given the impossibility of obtaining a direct response from the doctor in question, because he was not at a job today, Wednesday, sources responsible for the health sector in the province of Settat reported that the administrative procedures are in full swing with the in order to reveal all the circumstances and circumstances surrounding the accident, highlighting that a detailed report was sent to the corresponding authorities in the Ministry.

The same sources indicated that “the doctor suffers from hysteria and nervousness from time to time, since he was affiliated with other regional delegations, and has documents on the subject, according to his complaint, pending a meeting of a medical committee made up of experts. and specialists, under the supervision of the regional health delegate in Settat, and in the presence of the corresponding doctor to listen to him, and review the documents that confirm the reality of his state of health, before sending them again to the corresponding department of the ministry to take the appropriate decision.