The elections of the “biggest professional cameras” draw attention

Attention turns to the Casablanca Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services, which will witness the election of a new president next Monday, after the judiciary ousted its president, Hassan El Berkani.

According to sources from the digital newspaper Hespress, the struggle for the presidency of this institution intensifies between the president who was removed from office and the former president, Yasser Adel.

The same sources reported that the leaders of the majority parties seek to re-elect the president ousted by the administrative judiciary, Hassan al-Barakani, noting that the latter, a parliamentarian from the Independence Party, will be the only candidate for the majority.

And if members of the majority agree to support al-Barakani, the Constitutional Union Party candidate, Yasser Adel, will be forced to maneuver and seek out angry members of the alliance.

The Rabat Court of Cassation had rejected the request to annul the decision of the Administrative Court of Appeal, thus confirming the decision to remove Istiqlal Hassan al-Barakani from the presidency.

The Rabat Administrative Court of Appeal had previously decided to nullify the election of Hassan El-Barakani as president of this chamber, given that he had not obtained an absolute majority of the votes of the members in office, not present.

Al-Istiqlal Al-Berkany managed to obtain 83 votes, while the former head of this institution, Yasser Adel, obtained 56 votes.

It is known that the tripartite alliance between the “National Group of Independents”, “Istiqlal” and “Pam” had agreed to grant the Chamber of Industry, Commerce and Services to the Istiqlal Party, which will make it continue in this agreed approach.