Listening to the rest of the witnesses delays the trial of Al-Fayek

Listening to the rest of the witnesses delays the trial of Al-Fayek
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Tuesday 13 September 2022 – 23:08

For the ninth time, the Criminal Chamber of First Instance for Monetary Crimes of the Court of Appeal of Fez postponed, this afternoon, Tuesday, the trial of Rachid Al-Fayek, head of the Awlad Al-Tayeb group and parliamentarian of the southern district. of Fez, and his companions until next October 4.

This postponement occurred, according to Khaled Al-Baqali, of the Rashid Al-Fayek Defense Authority, to listen to the rest of the witnesses, pointing out, in statements to Hespress, that during today’s session 18 witnesses were heard, waiting from the end of the hearing, in the next session, to another 17 witnesses.

The same spokesman, who hoped that this trial would be delayed again in the next session for the sake of appeal, explained that today’s session took place under very normal circumstances, noting that it was stopped twice after it lasted approximately 7 hours.

Rashid Al-Fayek is following in this file, along with 6 other defendants, in the arrest case; Meanwhile, 10 defendants are being prosecuted in the case of provisional release, in the same file, for serious charges, which include bribery and falsification of official documents and participation in it, participation in embezzlement and waste of public funds, and exclusion of competitors using fraudulent methods.

It should be noted that the court hearing this file, in the last session held on August 2, prior to the end of the judicial recess, ruled in a partial ruling in the public case, rejecting the provisional release of all the detainees with an order to bring 3 witnesses and a fine of 3,000 dirhams.

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