“House of Poetry” opens the new season in Tetouan

"poetry house" Opening of the new season in Tetouan
Photo: Hespress

Tuesday 13 September 2022 – 02:30

With the participation of a group of poets such as Muhammad Unaiba Al-Hamri, Hafida Al-Farsi and Khaled Al-Damoon, the Tetouan House of Poetry will inaugurate its seventh poetry cycle by organizing a poetry evening on Friday, September 16 at the National School of Trades and Arts of Tetouan, starting at seven in the evening.

The opening ceremony will welcome the artist Mohammed Al-Zamrani with immortal Arabic and Moroccan poems, and the poets participating in the evening represent the transformations of the Moroccan poem through its various poetic generations and written forms. Hafiza Al-Farsi’s poem is a model for the poetry of the new millennium.

In this meeting, the house opens a window to the experience of the late Lebanese poet Muhammad Ali Shams al-Din, one of the founders of Arab poetic modernity.

The artist, Mohamed Al-Zamrani, presents, according to a press release received by Hespress, immortal songs and songs that echo the masterpieces of Arabic poetry and Moroccan colloquial poetry, including the masterpieces of the late artist Fathallah Al-Zamrani. Maghari.

The House of Poetry of Tetouan will resume its activities, inaugurating the cultural season, confirming its strong presence in the Moroccan cultural scene since its creation in the spring of 2016, based on a memorandum of understanding between the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication and the Department of Culture of the Government of Sharjah.

It is noteworthy that the House of Poetry of Tetouan welcomed poets, writers and creators from more than twenty countries, as well as hundreds of Moroccan poets, as it carried out its activities in many Moroccan cities throughout six Moroccan destinations.

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