Funeral of a victim of the Oujda fire

Funeral of a victim "fire of ujda"
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Tuesday 13 September 2022 – 21:11

On Tuesday night, the body of a student victim of a fire was buried in a wing of the Oujda university campus.

The body of the student (HB) was buried in the Sidi Abdullah cemetery in the city of Gersif, after the funeral prayer.

The body of the deceased was attended by hundreds, in a solemn funeral procession, from his residence in “Harsha Arras” to the aforementioned cemetery, immediately after his arrival in an ambulance from Casablanca, where he was being treated before he died.

The deceased, along with others, suffered burns of varying severity, to be transferred initially to the University Hospital and the Al-Farabi Hospital in Oujda, before the condition of two of them made it necessary to urgently transfer them by helicopter to Casablanca. , where they breathed their last.

the funeral fire oujda