The Association of Islamic Education Teachers rejects the abuses

The Association of Islamic Education Teachers rejects the abuses
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Monday 12 September 2022 – 16:26

The National Office of the Moroccan Association of Islamic Education Teachers denounced what it described as “guests of a radio program on a private station denouncing the fundamentals of the Islamic religion and the subject of Islamic education, calling them the epithets ugliest, mocking their frames and teachers in the inappropriate, and without base of knowledge or knowledge.”

And a radio show devoted an episode to school entrance last Sunday, in which some guests criticized the Islamic education curriculum and courses, which they said included lessons “that students don’t understand and others they don’t need.” ”. One of them said, “They ask you to memorize the ablution nullifiers,” asking, “Why do you know who nullifies the ablution?” Before he was interrupted by a second guest, he asked, “Who are those who nullify ablution?” They did not succeed, something that people had 4 or 3 centuries, and it is up to you to memorize it”, to conclude by calling it a “disturbance”.

These statements, according to a statement to which Hespress had access, aroused resentment from the Association of Islamic Education Teachers, which considered “an insult to the subject, its frameworks and teachers, and to the institutions of the Moroccan State represented by the Supreme Court.” Scientific Council; The guarantor of the spiritual security of the Moroccans, and the safeguard of the religious constants of the nation.

The statement states that the issue of Islamic education “received the royal attention for evaluation, evaluation and review in the city of El-Aaiun on February 6, 2016, and any abuse of it is an abuse and abuse of care for the children.” parents”, pointing out that it is “the only topic included in the report of the new development model; This is due to its importance and its role in inculcating noble Islamic values, capable of achieving the desired development in various areas of life”, stressing that it is “an essential material in the Moroccan educational system, and its role in strengthening the religious and national identity of learners is a central and essential role”.

The National Office of the same association called on the radio program in question to “offer an official apology to the Moroccan Muslim people, and to the subject frames and their teachers, who are scientifically and cognitively trained to frame, train and practice, and consider the issue of Islamic education as a valuable material that does not breed terrorism, and does not produce moral or material extremism, because it is behind it. A ministry in charge of the sector that follows the discharge process, and qualified frameworks and teachers spread moderation and restraint among the educated.”

In concluding its statement, the Moroccan Association of Islamic Education Teachers requested “the right of response from the High Authority for Audiovisual Communication (HACA), whose mission is not to allow the Islamic religion and its teachings to be damaged under the name (freedom of expression),” according to the text of the statement.

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