Report of a parliamentary commission that examines agreements concluded in summer camps

A parliamentary source revealed to Hespress that the temporary reconnaissance mission ordered by the House of Representatives to determine the conditions of the summer camps resumed its work this week.

The same source indicated that the mission held a meeting last Tuesday in the House of Representatives.

Regarding the results of this meeting, the Hespress source explained that it was decided to correspond with the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication and all those involved in the summer camp file, in order to provide the committee with a set of documents related to camping offers. and everything related to this file.

The same spokesman explained that the commission will finish its report very soon, in full harmony with the internal regime of the House of Representatives, which requires the preparation of reconnaissance mission reports, and indicated that the mission will hold another meeting to study these documents, before finalizing your report.

The mission visited more than 10 summer camps, where it found a series of imbalances, including those related to the lack of nutrition provided to children participating in the camping season.

During these visits, the parliamentarians also observed that some companies in charge of providing food to children resorted to other companies within the framework of management contracts, with the absence of cleaning companies in some camps; As well as direct accusations of a contractor to an official of blackmailing him and trying to force him to pay a bribe of 15 million cents in exchange for facilitating his work and not putting obstacles in his way; They also noted the delay in the construction of several camps.

On the other hand, a source from the Ministry of Youth, Culture and Communication told Hespress earlier: “The incident of blackmailing a contractor and trying to force him to pay 15 million cents is wrong.”

The statutes of the House of Representatives provide that standing committees may, at the request of their chairman, after approval of the committee bureau, a team leader or one-third of the members of the committee, two or more of its members with a temporary position reconnaissance mission on the terms and conditions of application of a specific legislative text or a topic of interest to society or is related to an activity of the government, administrations, institutions and public companies in accordance with the office of Parliament.

All parliamentary teams and groups are represented in temporary exploratory tasks if the number of members assigned to them is equal to the number of parliamentary teams and groups. The proportional representation rule is used in respect of seats remaining after representation of all parliamentary groups and teams, or in the event that the number of parliamentary groups and teams exceeds the total number of members assigned to the exploratory mission temporary.

The office of the Permanent Commission determines the number of deputies that it assigns with the exploratory mission, provided that it does not exceed 13 members nor is it less than two members. Parliamentary teams and groups may also delegate a representative or representatives from outside the commission that formed the reconnaissance mission, taking into account knowledge and specialization.

The reports of the exploratory missions are discussed in the presence of the government, which answers the questions and queries of the representatives.