Moroccan women complain about the measures "al hol camp" Sirius

The conditions of Moroccan women’s relations with the Syrian camps worsen day by day. According to data obtained by Hespress from inside the al-Hol camp, the women were living in a difficult situation on Sunday, to the point of separating mothers from their children.

Sources inside the al-Hol camp said: “Yesterday, a search campaign was carried out, accompanied by beatings, fear and intimidation of women and children, and the residents stayed there for ten hours in the sun.”

During this campaign, according to the same sources, “food was stolen, tents were demolished, women were fingerprinted and the most serious thing was the isolation of 12-year-old children from their mothers,” including two Moroccan children.

The same sources said: “It is not known where these children were transferred, they inform us that they are being taken to children’s centers, but it seems that they are being transferred to prisons; After the events in Gweran prison, we found out that Moroccan children were among the prisoners.”

Women inside the camp expressed their remorse, with one saying in a statement received by Hespress: “Day by day the sorrow grows and we feel that we were the cause of the loss of our children; At a time when mothers today are happy to enter school, we forget to take our children to jail.”

And he added: “Our children are just victims, although there is no desire to bring us back, please return our children; They are victims, we are the ones who brought them here.”

In the same context, the National Coordination of Relatives of Moroccans Detained in Syria and Iraq confirmed that “the file is still standing”, stating that “the authorities have not communicated with us and there is nothing new except the old news that the file is being studied”.

The Interior Minister had revealed to the parliamentary reconnaissance mission that 1,659 Moroccan jihadists left Morocco to join various terrorist movements in the Syrian-Iraqi region, including 290 women and 628 minors, of whom 345 combatants returned.

Moroccan security data indicates that there are currently 250 combatants detained in the same region (232 in Syria, 12 in Iraq and 6 in Turkey), along with 138 women, including 134 in the camps guarded by Kurdish forces, in addition to some 400 minors. , of which only 153 are confirmed in Morocco.

The charge Moroccan women complain about the measures "al hol camp" Sirius first appeared in Hespress – Hespress, a Moroccan electronic newspaper.