“Mlasnat” marks a blog test session

The trial session of the blogger and human rights defender Saida El Alami turned into discussions inside the Casablanca Court of Appeals, between the accused and the Public Ministry.

Today’s Monday session witnessed strong discrepancies about the content of the “postings” that the blog had inserted on its Facebook page.

During this session, the defendant considered that the way in which the Public Ministry treated her was provocative, which caused the two parties to engage in strong discussions.

During her hearing, the accused, who is in custody, stressed that the “postings” she had published on her page had been taken out of context.

The detainee pointed out that what she wrote is framed within the criticism of institutions and not of people, and pointed out that all international conventions and the constitution guarantee freedom of expression.

Given the intensity of the discussion and controversy in the trial, the table that knows the file decided to postpone it until Wednesday, when the Public Ministry and the defense will plead guilty before the verdict is handed down.

The previous session had witnessed the presence of the activist and blogger Saeeda Al-Alami, but she requested a postponement due to the impossibility of appearing before the judge due to her health condition derived from having started a hunger strike.

It should be noted that the defendant, Saeeda Al-Alami, was sentenced to two years in prison and a fine, after following her in the context of “posts” on her personal page on the social networking site “Facebook”, for charges including “insulting public officials in the performance of their duties”, and “disseminating and disseminating complaints and facts”, lying to people with the intention of defaming them”.