Breed of stray dogs causes concern in Midelt

The proliferation of packs of stray dogs in Midelt has become notoriously worrying for residents, whose members said, in identical statements to Hespress, that these animals occupied most of the squares, main streets and alleys, while the competent authorities did not they did their part. to protect residents from them.

Several citizens interviewed by the electronic newspaper Hespress revealed that the proliferation of packs of stray dogs in the city of Midelt (the capital of apples) has become a threat to the life and safety of young and old, especially since Several dogs show signs of illness, according to them.

Commenting on this issue, city dweller Younes Sargin, who introduced himself to Hespress as a “collective actor”, said that the proliferation of stray dogs on the streets of Midelt is not a new phenomenon, adding that “the collective Previously, the city council dealt with citizen complaints and fought against these dogs, which are widespread in the city.” Recently”.

The same spokesman added that the proliferation of packs of stray dogs in this city threatens “a little the aesthetics that characterize it, and distorts its tourist appearance”, and pointed out that “the current collective council must assume its responsibility in the face of the spread of hordes of stray dogs that threaten the safety of citizens and the cleanliness and health security of the city,” according to the statement.

For his part, Hada al-Malawani, a resident of the same city, said: “Despite the fact that the city’s associations denounce this situation, the number of dogs is doubling dramatically and rapidly every day,” adding that “The phenomenon of the spread of stray dogs is getting worse, due to the absence of strict and serious intervention to reduce it.

The same spokeswoman confirmed, in statements to the electronic newspaper Hespress, that the population is concerned about this phenomenon and the danger it entails for her and her children, and in this sense calls on the local community and local authorities “to carry out campaigns urgent”. to address this imbalance that deeply affects the health, safety and economy of the population of the capital of the block”, requesting the city’s associations “to establish a civil framework that includes all associations to defend the problems of city ​​by submitting complaints and collective correspondence to the central authorities and the royal palace,” as she put it.

To obtain the comment of the head of the collective council of the city of Midelt, the electronic newspaper Hespress contacted Rashid Adnan, but his phone was out of coverage, while an official source from the same group confirmed that the problem of the spread. of stray dogs in the city exists, and that the collective council will program a financial credit to collect the herds of stray dogs and clean the city of them.

The same source confirmed, in brief statements to Hespress, that the Midelt Collective Council is fulfilling its duty regarding the issues that concern citizens, including those related to the discharge of new projects, the cleaning of the city, security health and the safety of residents in particular, explaining that “this new and old phenomenon will end in the coming days.”