A corpse with its throat cut alarms the gendarmes of Sidi Rahal

A corpse with its throat cut alarms the gendarmes of Sidi Rahal
Photos: Hespress

Monday 12 September 2022 – 22:30

The interests of the Royal Gendarmerie in the Sidi Rahal Al-Shati filth center opened this Monday a search, under the supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office, to solve the mystery of the murder of a person from the city of the new well, after his body . was found with traces of wounds indicating that the victim had been euthanized.

Hespress sources indicated that the crime took place in an area known as “Dar Al-Arbaeen”, located in the dirty influence of Berrechid, where the body covered in blood was found inside the victim’s car; This raised the vigilance of the interests of the royal gendarmerie and local authorities in the region.

The same sources added that the royal gendarmerie began its investigations based on the crime scene and the victim’s acquaintances, while the body was transferred to the morgue of the Settat City Hospital, so that a medical autopsy could be performed. .

It should be noted that elements of the Royal Gendarmerie carry out raids in the city of the new well, in order to reach the location of two people (a young man and a young woman), with the aim of arresting and interrogating them to determine their relationship with the crime.

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