The Israeli army threatens the Lebanese “Hezbollah”

Today, Sunday, the commander of the Israeli army, Aviv Kohavi, warned that the state of Lebanon and the “Hezbollah” organization will bear the consequences if the “sovereignty of their country” is violated.

“If IDF assets are damaged,” Kohavi said at the ceremony in which Maj. Gen. Uri Gordin took charge of the IDF Northern Command. [إسرائيل] or its citizens, the Israeli army will not sit idly by.”

He added: “Any attempt to harm the State of Israel, in any field, will be met with a sharp response or a proactive initiative,” according to the Israeli newspaper “The Jerusalem Post.”

Kochavi stressed that “Hezbollah hijacked Lebanon, leading the country to pay a double price, security and economic.”

It should be noted that Lebanon and Israel are technically at war, and drones, on both sides, routinely violate the border.

Tensions between the two sides have recently intensified amid US-mediated talks over a maritime border dispute in the eastern Mediterranean.

Hezbollah threatened to “cut off Israel’s hands” if it exploited the Karish offshore field, which Lebanon and Israel dispute; Containing a gas reserve.

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz responded with a warning that “any attack on Israel’s gas assets could trigger a war.”

Last July, the Israeli army announced that it had shot down 4 drones launched by the “Hezbollah” organization towards the Karish countryside.