Polisario Front camps witness escalation of protests over hunger and embezzlement

During the last two days, the Tindouf camps witnessed the outbreak of strong social protests demanding accountability for the officials and leaders of the separatist Polisario Front, after the emergence of problems related to food security and the proliferation of drugs.

Congestion and anger grew in the Tindouf camps against the Polisario Front, due to the corruption in which their leaders surrendered and their embezzlement of the humanitarian aid that the international community provides to the detained population.

The Saharawi Association for the Defense of Human Rights once again shed light on the reality of smuggled humanitarian aid in the Tindouf camps, considering that it is the only means used by the Front’s leadership to accumulate economic wealth and establish mega-projects.

Nabil Al-Andalusi, a researcher specializing in international affairs, said that these embezzlements were condemned by the European Union on more than one occasion, through reports from the European Anti-Fraud Office.

Andalusi considered, in statements to the newspaper Hespress, that the increase in the embezzlement of aid and the smuggling of food is due to the absence of accountability mechanisms, and to the repression, intimidation and abuse of any voice that dares to criticize the deviations from the direction of the separatist front.

The same analyst highlights the human rights reports prepared on the conditions in the camps, which unanimously agree on the massive human rights violations and insecurity in the region, for which Algeria bears the responsibility as the host country of the separatist front.

The spokesman stressed that the corruption of the leadership of the separatist front, its indulgence in income and the illegal use of humanitarian aid, under the auspices and support of the Algerian regime, are some of the reasons for its willingness to prolong the conflict, and his lack of seriousness in the search for a realistic, consensual and lasting solution to the fabricated conflict over Moroccan Western Sahara.