Police capture a drug dealer in Fkih Bensalah

Police capture a drug dealer in Fkih Bensalah
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Sunday 11 September 2022 – 03:15

On Saturday, police officers in Fkih Bensalah managed to arrest a person who was the subject of dozens of nationwide search warrants, in cases of illicit trafficking in alcoholic beverages, drug promotion, concealment of items obtained from a serious crime and causing an accident. of transit with lack of evasion.

Hespress sources stated that the suspect was arrested at the “Awlad Ziyan” roundabout on the outskirts of Faqih Bensalah city, after field coordination with the royal gendarmerie, as his pointing made it clear that he was the target of dozens of national search warrants. issued by the National Judicial Police Division, the national security services and the royal gendarmerie of my city, Abi Jaad and Faqih Bensalah.

The same sources indicated that the search operation carried out allowed the suspect to find in his possession a kilogram of drugs “Al-Kif” and “Taba”, as well as a motorcycle of dubious legality.

The accused, accompanied by a woman with whom he maintains an illicit relationship, was left in custody in sight, at the disposal of the judicial investigation, which is carried out under the supervision of the competent Public Ministry.

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