The unions and the ministry work to remove the statute of the national educational personnel

On Friday, the discussion tables on the basic regime for employees of the Ministry of National Education resumed, which is expected to be resolved shortly before the presentation of the Finance Bill 2023.

In this context, Abdul Razzaq Al-Idrisi, National Secretary General of the National University of Education (Democratic Orientation), said that today’s meeting discussed the methodology to be followed in the next meetings.

Al-Idrisi added, in statements to Hespress, that during the meeting a faster pace of work was agreed, “and a kind of seclusion until the regime is removed”, by holding successive meetings from September 19 to 23.

The National Secretary General of the National University of Education affirmed that the work will be accelerated until “the financial implications of the statute are included in the Finance Law 2023”.

According to the same spokesman, other issues were discussed at the meeting; The most important are admission to school, shortages, overcrowding, facilities for educational institutions and human resources, in addition to the issues of interest in the interim agreement of January 18 and points that have not been decided; In particular, the promotion of Ministry employees with degrees, mainly Master’s degrees, stating that “the Ministry spoke of its beginning to prepare a coincidence memory draft for the audacity of things.”

Al-Idrisi continued that among the issues that were also discussed, “the issue of employees assigned outside their line and some of the problems of the authorities.”

And Chakib Benmoussa, Minister of National Education, Primary Education and Sports, had previously announced that an agreement would be reached with the unions on the new status of the employees of the Ministry of National Education.

Benmoussa indicated, during a press conference in Rabat on the occasion of the school entry, that “the mixed technical commission between the ministry and the most representative unions will continue its work to reach a consensus in the coming weeks on the general lines of a plan special unified basic system that stimulates women and men in education, and enables the establishment of the desired quality in the educational system”.

The Ministry of National Education, Prior Education and Sports had agreed with the most representative educational unions, last January, to bring to light the statute of the employees of the Ministry of National Education in July 2022, but this did not happen despite carrying out about 17 meetings. .