The family of ‘plastic doctor Tazi’ sympathizes with the king

The family of the famous plastic surgeon Hassan Tazi, who is detained for human trafficking, has asked King Mohamed VI for his release.

The official page of the famous doctor on the social network “Facebook” released a video clip of his son, in which he asks for the release of his parents and his uncle.

During the video, the boy Tazi collapsed in tears while recounting his suffering and that of his family since the arrest of his parents, as the family entered, he said, in a crisis that began from the death of his brother in 2020 until the arrest of his father, mother, Monia and uncle Abdel Razzaq.

The boy, appealing to the king on behalf of his brothers and grandmother, said: “We can’t stand it. I don’t know how to walk to school and my sisters are sick.”

This exit of the Tazi family takes place before the investigating judge of the Casablanca Court of Appeal, on September 15, carried out a confrontation between Tazi’s wife and “Zainab”. B, who lent herself as a social worker and philanthropist, with the other defendant in the case named ‚ÄúSaeeda. p”.

It is expected that this confrontation, which takes place after the judicial recess, will be the last of this file, which has advanced a lot, before being sent to the session.

It should be noted that the Casablanca Court of Appeals Prosecutor had decided to prosecute Tazi, known as the “Doctor of the Poor”, with his wife, his brother and a doctor in charge of a clinic he owned, for the crime of human trafficking. of people, by attracting people and exploiting their weakness, need and vulnerability for the purpose of exploitation in carrying out criminal acts by a criminal gang, by polygamy and habitually, committed against children under 18 who suffer from the disease .