Silver traders on Tiznit are optimistic about a “boom year” and the end of the Corona pandemic crisis

From inside the small shops of the Tiznit artisan complex, the silversmiths come out one by one to meet the Hespress camera in front of their products and listen to the clientele that varies between Moroccans and foreigners, optimistic about the movement of tourists and the confinement of the coronavirus crisis.

Hespress met with manufacturers and merchants of the “silver capital”, busy formulating their personal creations, offering them for sale in a space dedicated to the silver industry in the region, highlighting that prices are generally affordable at despite the high prices of raw materials.

Tiznition makers specialize in rings, bracelets, anklets and other types of jewelry for men and women, and prices vary according to the weight of the “click”, the “processing”, the skill and the days of work in which the manufacturer required your chair. to produce the final product.

Abd al-Rahim al-Farsi, a traditional silversmith from the city of Tiznit, has been in the trade since 1988. He does not hide his strong love for his trade, which he preferred to continue studying during his childhood, pointing out that in addition to his daily work, he is also a component for those interested.

“I have been working as a component of this craft for 8 years in Ouarzazate and transferred it to the students there,” Al-Farsi said from inside his goldsmith workshop, noting that the region’s local maker works on all kinds of silver drawings. and decorations

The spokesman explained that “the city is famous for its excellent artisans and all kinds of handicrafts,” pointing out that “prices vary, and many factors intervene in their determination, including the craftsmanship and the amount of the click, as well as the decoration ornaments with precious stones.

Salman Sidati, head of the Handicrafts Complex Shop Owners Association in Tiznit, told Hespress that after two years of the Corona pandemic, the popularity of “Al-Naqra” has returned to the southern metropolis, revealing that many craftsmen had abandoned the ship, but he returned after regaining his footing.

Ladies, speaking to Hespress, he said: “Prices after Corona are adequate, despite the increases recorded in raw materials, but in general, supply is available and manufacturers continue with the process of innovating and renewing trim. local”.

He added that “Tiznit is the capital of silver par excellence, thanks to its artisans and the distinction of its products, and the secret is their love for the profession and devoting full time to craftsmanship,” and pointed out that “the workforce It’s a primary controller.” of prices, especially since some jewels can take the manufacturer three days of work to prepare”.

For his part, Zakaria Al-Khalifa, one of the young industrialists, said that his family environment was decisive in the exercise of this profession; Thanks to the examination of the different stages of craftsmanship by his relatives since he was a child, he learned the trade automatically, highlighting that “this year is good compared to the previous one, despite the high prices of silver and raw materials.” premiums”, and adds that “the artisans benefited from the concurrence of Moroccan tourists and the community living abroad”.