Mehdi Mouzine accompanies “Al-Barah” in a new song

Mehdi Mouzine accompanies "Al-Barah" in a new song
Photo: Hespress

Saturday 10 September 2022 – 15:13

Moroccan artist Mehdi Muzain has released his latest artwork titled “Al-Barah” through his official YouTube channel.

Muzain himself oversaw the distribution of his new song, the lyrics of which were formulated by Muhammad Al-Maghrabi and composed by Tariq Al-Hujaili and Madara, and was shot in a video clip under the direction of Hamza Al-Yamahi.

The song “Al-Barah” achieved almost a million views in less than 24 hours after its release, and ranked fourth on the list of the most viewed videos on YouTube, to enter the competition with a group of new works. lyrical.

Muzayin chose to honor the Moroccan heritage in his new work by highlighting the details of the ancient Moroccan wedding, whether in terms of decoration or appearance, in addition to honoring the personality of “Al-Barah”, which is included in the cultural heritage. and Moroccan identity.

In another context, Mahdi Muzain had recently sparked controversy after circulating the news of their association through the dissemination of a group of photos that he collected with the heroine of the play before its premiere, before breaking his silence to explain that The news is just rumours. and that the images circulated back to the scenes of his new artwork.

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