Ittihad Tawarka defeats the “Green Eagles”

Ittihad Tawarka defeated "green eagles"
Photo: Hsport

Friday 9 September 2022 – 20:11

Ittihad Tawarka achieved its first victory in the professional championship, after defeating Raja Sportive 1-0, in a match that was played at the Prince Moulay El Hassan Stadium in Rabat, corresponding to the second day of the tournament.

The newcomer to the tournament showed great desire to score the first goal, which came in the 16th minute of the game, after Ahmed Al-Khalaj managed to shake Anas Al-Zeniti’s nets, after receiving a cross from his teammate. Omar Al-Nusmari from the right side.

The ‘green’ team tried to tighten the cuff quickly, after intensifying counter-attacks from both Zuraida and Hadraf, but lack of concentration was the title of ‘Al-Nusour”s most prominent attacks, along with desperation. of the defense of the Tawarka Union.

Early in the second half, Hisham Abu Sharwan, who coached the Raja from the bench in place of Faouzi Benzarti, made a number of changes in his desire to inject new blood into the offensive line by bringing in Bendjedda, Benghith and Bouzouk.

The Raja sports team continued their pressure towards the opposite goal, varying their attacks, but could not adjust the balance, so the match ended with the victory of the “Tariq Al-Sektiwi Brigade” with a free goal.

With this victory, the “Turkish” team adds three valuable points to its balance, while the balance of the “Green Eagles” is frozen at one point.

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