Derek Arkman foils an attempt to emigrate 21 people

Derek Arkman foils an attempt to emigrate 21 people
Photo: WAM

Friday 9 September 2022 – 22:15

The Royal Gendarmerie disrupted today in the town of Arkman, belonging to the province of Nador, an attempt to emigrate clandestinely to Spain in a small boat in the Ehrwelen region of the Volcanoes group.

This operation, which was carried out in coordination with the Royal Navy, resulted in the arrest of 21 people who were candidates for clandestine immigration, as well as the seizure of the inflatable boat and a significant amount of gasoline.

The elements of the Royal Gendarmerie issued hearing records of the detainees, before they were placed in theoretical custody, at the disposal of the preliminary investigation supervised by the Public Ministry, to investigate with them, pending the identities of the organizers of the process. clandestine migration. .

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