A petition to stop planting palm trees in the streets of Casablanca

Environmental activists have placed a petition on the desk of Casablanca Council President Nabila Al-Ramili calling for an end to the planting of palm trees in the streets instead of shade trees, and the need has become urgent. . in the present.

The activists were able to collect signatures calling for the cessation of planting palm trees in the middle of the streets, especially in the city of Casablanca, which was launched by the “Morocco Environment 2050” movement.

The head of the movement, the endoscopic engineer, Salima Belmokadem, confirmed, in statements to the electronic newspaper Hespress, that the campaign to stop the random planting of date palms will continue in Casablanca and the rest of the cities after the development of this petition. , which she attached to a correspondence previously addressed to the Minister of the Interior.

The supervisor of the petition explained that the movement developed a scheme of arguments to win this lawsuit, calling on all the citizens of Casablanca and the cities that are aware of this phenomenon to get involved in the environmental dynamism that Saleh serves and the rights of all. categories of Moroccans.

The same spokeswoman stressed that the Casablanca Council “if it does not respond and does not react to the petition, it will be reminded again while the pressure continues”, calling for continued support for the movement “because officials do not react to environmental issues quickly, and we will not give up because we are on the way.” And whoever refuses is committing a crime against all humanity.”

The person in charge of the “Morocco Environment 2050” movement pointed out that the lack of attention to the environmental sphere means that the crisis affects all sectors.

A petition was circulated to sign on the global website “Avaaz”, asking to stop the planting of palm trees in Moroccan cities and to replace them with trees according to local scenic plans that take into account the specificity of each region.

The petition was addressed to the Ministry of Development of the National Territory and City Policy and the Ministry of Energy Transition and Sustainable Development, pointing out that it is not possible to make the entire national territory host palms of the Phoenix dactylifera type, nor the municipal palm, due to Because its bioclimatic level depends on the region of Marrakech to the north and Figuig to the east, he warned against “the imposition by the organizers of public space in Moroccan cities of a foreign type of palm tree, of American origin (Washingtonian or Prichardia), which was incorporated next to the municipal palm tree of Marrakech for a time before the silence of all.”