The calculations of political alliances push Wehbe to sacrifice a leader in “Al-Bam”

The Authenticity and Modernity Party decided to expel Abdelhak Shafik, a former parliamentarian, from its ranks; This is before the by-election elections in the Ain Chak district of Casablanca.

According to sources from the online newspaper Hespress, the Political Bureau of the Authenticity and Modernity Party decided, during a meeting, to expel Abdelhak Chafik, the controversial name in Casablanca, who had won his parliamentary seat in the September 8 elections before the Court Constitutional will revoke it. .

Sources of the newspaper pointed out that Abdel-Latif Wehbe, general secretary of “PAM”, made the decision to expel Abdel-Haq Shafiq and not give him the recommendation to run for the partial elections on behalf of the party.

The newspaper’s sources do not rule out that the party leader’s decision is part of his management of the alliances he signed in the previous elections and in an effort not to disturb them, especially since Shafik Abdel-Haq is considered the “troublemaker” who could explode the alliance of “Al-Bam” and the Ahrar in Casablanca.

The same sources indicated that the “Jarrar” party seeks, at this stage, to maintain a solid alliance with the National Association of Independents in Casablanca; Which requires getting rid of members who create crises with allies.

On the other hand, sources close to the expelled leader indicated that the latter, after sensing intentions not to recommend partial elections in Ain al-Shaq due to pressure from other parties, submitted a request to the party’s general secretary asking him to expel him from their ranks; So that he can run on behalf of another party.

Abdelhak Shafiq, who was expelled from the Authenticity and Modernity Party, confirmed in statements to the electronic newspaper Hespress that he had ended his relationship with the BAM party, stressing that he respected the decision of the Political Bureau and its general secretary not to recommend him. for partial benefits.

The former parliamentarian pointed out that he has good relations with all the members of the Authenticity and Modernity Party, and there is no disagreement with anyone behind the decision to remove him from BAM.

Regarding his political future, Shafik Abdel-Haq confirmed that he is studying the possibility of running on behalf of one of the most recognized national parties in the partial electoral benefits in the Ain Chak district.

The expulsion decision will allow Abdelhak Shafiq to stand on behalf of another party in parliamentary elections, while retaining his membership in the Ain Shaq District Council, City Council and Region Council.

The expulsion by the party of its member and main “dynamo” from the Ain Shaq district will affect the “Bam” and reduce its size in relation to other parties, in addition to the increase in skirmishes and disputes within the Ain Shaq District Council and the council, headed by the National Association of Independents.