Najat Rajavi sings for Qabbani and Fathallah Al-Maghari

Najat Rajavi sings for Qabbani and Fathallah Al-Maghari
Photo: Hespress

Wednesday 7 September 2022 – 03:33

The Moroccan singer Najat Rajavi performed, on Monday night, at a special evening in Casablanca, which was attended by a group of well-known personalities.

Rajavi revealed, in statements to the electronic newspaper Hespress, that the concert he gave was organized by the Association of Tarab Lovers on the occasion of the centenary of the death of the poet Nizar Qabbani, whose poems he sang.

The same artist added that the ceremony was also characterized by honoring the spirit of great artistic stature of the deceased Fathallah Al-Maghari, since her surprise for the attendees was the interpretation of some of her songs after singing the previously agreed pieces, with a wish to honor your good spirit.

Najat Rajavi expressed her great happiness for the success of the concert, adding that the public’s interaction with her was beautiful, and that what distinguishes the organizer of the event is her embrace of the “listeners” and lovers of the singing and songs of the beautiful time. with its heavy weight.

And about her artistic novelty, the singer herself said, in her speech to Hespress, that she is preparing to release a new Moroccan song entitled “God Mabqao”, with the lyrics of Mohamed El Maghribi, composed by Mehdi Mouzyin, and a joint distribution. of Madara and Tariq Al-Hujaili, and she only hopes that a video clip will be presented to the Moroccan public of her. .

It is worth mentioning that Najat Rajavi was famous for her interpretation of the original tarab color and songs of Kawkab Al Sharq Umm Kulthum, and participated in the talent discovery program “The Voice”, where she attracted attention during her time before the jury. her and she was able to expand her fame in the Arab world after joining the Kazem El Saher team.

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