Demands on the Algerian authorities to extradite Moroccans in prisons and morgues

The Association for the Assistance of Migrants in Difficult Situation in Oujda sent an open letter to the Algerian authorities, asking them to urgently intervene in the file of young Moroccan candidates for immigration detained and present on Algerian soil, with a reminder to speed up the delivery of the bodies of the Moroccan candidates for immigration located in the morgues.

In the correspondence available to Hespress – addressed in particular to the Minister of the Interior and Local Authorities, the Minister of Health and the Minister of Justice, Guardian of the Seals, in the Republic of Algeria – the association confirms that it is monitoring, based on the data obtained, with great interest the file, status and conditions of detention of young Moroccan candidates for immigration to European homes.

The category in question is divided, according to correspondence, into three groups: the first is related to candidates for irregular migration caused by sea conditions or currents, or by the failure of the engines of the boats used to carry out this process towards the Algerian coast, after originally departing from the Moroccan shores, where a group of them were recently rescued, after some of them remained at sea for more than three days, before finally being rescued and deposited in police stations and gendarmerie in western Algeria, not far from the Moroccan border town of Oujda, and are in Oran, districts and other cities.

The second group is related to candidates for irregular migration who crossed land borders to carry out the migration process through one of the Algerian beaches, as well as another group of people fleeing the “hell” of Libyan detention centers and prisons. .

After the same source recalled that the Algerian authorities had previously handed over to their Moroccan counterpart a group of detainees in their prisons or the bodies in morgues through the “Colonel Lotfi – Jouj Baghal” border land corridor, he called for speeding up the pace of administrative procedures procedures to ensure the immediate acceleration of the process of expulsion of these young people to their country, in accordance with their demands and those of their families, in humanitarian and human rights conditions that guarantee them dignity, security and personal integrity in accordance with the international human rights standards. pacts and pacts of rights.

The correspondent also asked that health cases be presented “urgently” to specialized doctors, in order to guarantee the right to medical care and treatment, and that all young Moroccan candidates for immigration who have been detained or sentenced according to the “Law 08-11” regarding the conditions of entry, residence and circulation of foreigners in Algeria, and to facilitate the process of transportation and delivery of bodies across land borders, whether those whose families demand their burial in both sides, or of the young Moroccans who are candidates for emigration and shipwrecked recovered on the Algerian coast and found in funeral homes, especially in the cities of western Algeria.

Regarding the number of Moroccans detained in relation to illegal immigration attempts in Algeria, Hassan Ammari, head of the Association for Assistance to Migrants in Difficult Situation in Oujda, said that they number in the hundreds, and the association receives weekly , new figures. and data about them, while there are 5 corpses belonging to Moroccans who have died in funeral homes on the Algerian coast; However, it is likely, he adds, that the number is higher.

The human rights activist highlighted, in his speech to Hespress, that the association continues to periodically verify these numbers based on its own sources, expressing his ambition that the Algerian authorities interact positively with the latest correspondence, noting that it was previously sent around of three cases by name, and 46 people were released, he added: “Therefore, we adopted the circular in our last correspondence.”

The Association for the Assistance of Migrants in Difficult Situation in Oujda renewed its call to the Algerian and Moroccan authorities, in the context of the humanitarian and human rights aspect, “to open the land and air borders between the two sister countries, embodying the ties of brotherhood and the social, humanitarian and family relationships that unite the two sister peoples, or at least the temporary opening of immediate land and humanitarian corridors for social issues.” and urgent, and taking into account the daily suffering of mixed families”.