A meeting to discuss Hebrew history in the Great Palace

A meeting to discuss Hebrew history in the Great Palace
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Thursday 8 September 2022 – 00:33

Earlier this week, a meeting was held in the city of Ksar el-Kebir, dedicated to finding ways to value the Jewish historical balance in the region, which is an essential tributary of authentic Moroccan culture.

The participants in the meeting, which was attended in particular by the head of the local municipal council, the Basha of the city, and the head of the Association of Moroccan Jews in Mexico, Amslam El-Baz, highlighted that the Hebrew cultural component, in its diverse manifestations, is an essential and unique component of the Moroccan collective identity, which emerged over two thousand years and made the Kingdom of Morocco a model and an exception in the southern Mediterranean.

The speakers added that King Mohammed VI, in his capacity as Commander of the Faithful, has always attached great importance to issues related to the dialogue of religions, civilizations and cultures, especially those related to the appreciation and enhancement of the components of Moroccan Judaism. cultural heritage and the consecration of the values ​​of tolerance and coexistence.

Those responsible for the city considered that the meeting falls within the framework of consecrating the policy of openness and giving the necessary care and attention to all Moroccans in the world to equally preserve the local tangible and intangible heritage.

The participants in the meeting praised the role played by members of the Moroccan community in Mexico in the framework of parallel diplomacy to defend the territorial integrity and all the historical rights of the Kingdom of Morocco.

By the way, an inspection tour was carried out through some of the historical monuments that still bear witness to the history of the Jewish presence in the city; Like the synagogues, the shrines, the Jewish cemetery and the paths and alleys of the Mellah neighborhood. A gift was also given to the representative of the Jewish community in Mexico, a book entitled “The Jews of the Grand Palace… Pages of a forgotten history… Approaches that intersect”, written by Muhammad Akhraf and Muhammad al-Arabi al-Asri . .

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