Viola coach: Amrabat is developing amazingly

Coach "viola": Amrabat is developing amazingly
Photo: AFP

Tuesday 6 September 2022 – 02:14

The coach of Fiorentina, Vincenzo Italiano, praised the good performance of the Moroccan international Sofiane Amrabat, the midfielder of the “Viola”, at the start of the current football season, stressing that he is happy for the great development of the player .

The Fiorentina coach said, in statements to the media, that “Soufiane Amrabat played a good game, he developed in an incredible way”.

The same spokesman added: “At the beginning of the season he didn’t think he would play with us; But soon he worked hard and developed rapidly. He seems to be more consistent with the style of play, which suits him and the team’s approach.”

He continued: “I am happy with what Amrabat offers with the team and the development of his way of playing. Now he is controlling his position well and I don’t think he wants to leave him anymore.”

The fans of the representative of the Italian city of Florence praised the performance of Sofiane Amrabat, 26, in front of the ‘Old Lady’. Especially after she became a mainstay on her team this season.

It should be noted that Sofiane Amrabat was considering leaving Fiorentina last season, before strongly regaining his position, after participating with the “Lions of the Atlas” in the last edition of the African Cup of Nations in Cameroon.

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