Massena’s injury highlights the solidarity of the ‘Udinese’ players

Masina's injury highlights the solidarity of the players "Udinese"
Photo: Hsport

Tuesday 6 September 2022 – 06:18

The Italian soccer players of Udinese announced their solidarity with their colleague Adam Massina, who was injured during the match against Fiorentina, on the fourth day of competition in the Italian League.

Massina’s teammates wore T-shirts with the phrase: “Forza el León.. We are waiting for you”, during the warm-up that preceded the match between Udinese and Roma, for the fifth round of “Serie A”.

The medical examinations to which Masina underwent revealed that he had a sprain at the knee, and it is expected that he will be absent from the preparatory concentration of the Moroccan team, scheduled in Spain.

And then it was revealed, from the Italian pulpits, that Massina underwent surgery at the height of the cruciate ligament, and will be absent from the stadiums until March of next year, so he will not attend the World Cup final with the Moroccan National Team.

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