Goofing around in five minutes..

When the owner of the “sweetest smile” loses the smile

Muhammad al-Malali was a simple worker who dug wells, a simple citizen who lived his life normally in a limited and well-known geographical and family environment. He suddenly became a star with millions of followers and a lot of admiration, and the result was a total change: he changed his name, denied his identity and origins, and called himself “the one with the sweetest smile”. ”.

The transition is devastating, when it is sudden. The Greek philosopher Plato, in the theory of knowledge included in the myth of the cave, defined the conditions for a safe transition from darkness to light and brightness, that is, leaving the dark cave and enjoying the bright light of the sun. sol requires a gradual path. , because a sudden glance can cause blindness.

The rapid transformation and the sudden transition from a limited world to unlimited spaces and millions of fans, will be one of the main causes of a rapid decline, which was achieved by the loss of Muhammad al-Malali’s smile and he was unable to preserve it, because it is not a natural smile that was born in a natural context.

Suddenly, the audience level dropped, and Tik Tok was no longer a source of quick profits and huge fame, and the result did not put a smile on its own, but Muhammad Al-Malali was lost when he found himself in a path that was not a left reality and could not return to it.

Here the reality of the crisis arises, the young man has been lost between two identities, it is impossible to recover one of them or combine them, the identity of the worker and the identity of the famous “Tik Toker”.

Mohammed the worker stuck to the ground and who digs the earth, and penetrates to its depths to get water so that people can live, and Mohammed the owner of the sweetest smile who decided to live for himself where money and fame but for above the non-place in transcendent, virtual spaces that have nothing to do with reality, but with followers and “likes” and fans.

Suddenly, “the one with the sweetest smile” becomes a hateful and violent person, the smile disappears and violence replaces it; And I hate insults and insults, and then a question arises, so what turned the smile into anger and hate?

There is a principle in psychiatry that says that clinics do not receive patients, but they receive their victims, according to this perception Mohammed is not guilty – not to mention the legal responsibility framed in criminal law – no matter how much he is a victim of a society, that transformed him from an ordinary person to a homeless and homeless being.

Muhammad al-Malali lived as the people around him live, a normal person who works, laughs, suffers like the others, to a fool when he became a great intellectual, a reader of the history of Morocco, presenting his conclusions. , the perceptions of him and insulting Moroccans and the sanctity of Moroccans.

Muhammad al-Malali’s problem is not with himself, but with a society that made him a star in five minutes, and the result is that he lost his connection with reality and became attached to a ruthless network that devours, kills and destroys.

Engaging and residing in virtual networks is a form of loose and fluid identity construction that sociologist Rigmund Baumann has often spoken of.

The Industry of Fools is a series linked to a totalitarian system produced and protected by globalization and reflects changes in value and dominance of value and moral disintegration.

My daily routine is a state of moral collapse and the breaking of the moral belt that unites modesty, and the prevention of any scratch or lack of literature is what indicates the birth of the post-moral stage.

When Adoma, Niba, Sally Cole, Sheikha Trax, Tsunami, Miloud and Milouda, Mall Al-Manjal Mai Naima, Mai Khaduj, Mall Ahla Smile, the owners of the legal spell and others are the personalities of the year, they are the most followed, the The matter reveals that the ignorant took over the communication spaces and the creators of the content.

The system of insignificance was born when the State abandoned its role as policeman of public space and guardian of the values ​​of society and protecting them from discoloration and erosion, because the mission of the State as guarantor of sovereignty does not mean only protecting the borders but to protect the ancestral heritage and the identity of society.

The construction of a solid citizenship must be a working logic of all the institutions interested in upbringing and education to participate in the formulation of a decision of collective effort that makes the youth bearers of their values, and of the values ​​of their country. , interacting with the intimacy of their time, an achievement that can only be achieved through a collective effort in which the family and the school are involved first and foremost.

Is it time to give back to the teacher the voice that was stolen from him, and to give back to the father his symbolism, to the grandfather his dignity, and to the policeman his strength, to see our citizens recover the fighting spirit to face problems? of life instead of escaping to the world of drugs and virtual worlds that give easy but expensive pleasure?

I think that addressing these defects is a cultural resistance that guarantees the citizen the real permanence in reality and not escape from it.