Latifa Raafat The many virtues of Fathallah Al-Maghari

Latifa Raafat The many virtues of Fathallah Al-Maghari
Photo: Hespress

Monday 5 September 2022 – 14:09

With great sadness and pain, the Moroccan singer Latifa Raafat said goodbye yesterday to a colleague formed by the Moroccan artist Fathallah Al-Maghari, who died after a heart attack on the night of Saturday, September 3, 2022, and his body was buried yesterday by the afternoon, Sunday, in the Cemetery of the Martyrs of Rabat.

Speaking to the electronic newspaper Hespress, Latifa Raafat said that the deceased, Fathallah Al-Maghari, was her spiritual father and supported her in her life and artistic career, since he was the main support and encouragement for her in all her steps, and he was very helpful.

And he added that the late Maghari was a great and great Moroccan artist, and he knew how to engrave his name in golden letters in the history of Moroccan song with his immortal creations, that he had the honor of singing some of them, especially since they bear the signature of a great creator similar to the song “Mghiyara”, and “I am in pain from nothing” and “Muhammad, our guiding intercessor”.

Raafat went on to speak to Hespress and said that history will immortalize the name of Fathallah Al-Maghari, the creator of the Moroccan desert epic “The Voice of El-Hassan Calling”, which is memorized by Moroccans by heart and recited by old men and elders. . young man. Because the high patriotism enjoyed by the deceased and his love for Morocco made him write an immortal masterpiece in the silence of the memory of Moroccans, and became the title of the Moroccan song’s participation in a historical national event, which is the “Green March”.

And the Moroccan artist continued, fighting back tears, that many situations and memories with this good man came to mind, who considered her his daughter and was eager to listen to any lyrics she wrote or new melodies in which she created, like him it was. Witness her first marriage to Muhammad Hamid Al-Alawi, and the first to accompany her on The Journey to Stability in the capital, Rabat, which is in the prime of her youth.

The late Fathallah Al-Maghari is considered one of the pioneers of Moroccan song and one of its most outstanding pillars who contributed to presenting works that enriched the artistic treasure of Moroccan song, and marked an artistic path full of deliveries and successes.

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