France prepares to expel many “Moroccan imams” after the Ecuisin “escape” incident

The French Interior Ministry is moving to expel more Moroccan imams working legally in the republic, following the unloading of “Macron’s plan” to confront “Islamist separatism”.

In this plan, the French Ministry of the Interior targets many imams, Islamic associations and religious leaders, according to the Mediapart newspaper.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin confirmed on BFMTV that this emergency plan is aimed at at least 100 people of different nationalities, including Moroccans.

According to the Media part, the former executive director of UOIF (Union of Islamic Organizations in France), Ahmed Djaballah, faced great difficulties for three years to obtain the renewal of his residence permit.

The imam of the Bessac mosque, the Moroccan Abd al-Rahman Radwan, who previously won the lawsuit brought against him by an association after she requested the closure of his mosque, is also experiencing difficulties related to his residence permit, which is always renewed in the previous terms.

The French interior minister said: “Acquiring French citizenship and residing in this country for years does not mean that we will tolerate extremists,” adding: “We will work to expel them and we have a list prepared with their names.”

French newspapers point out that “the decision of the highest administrative court to expel the Moroccan Imam Hassan Equisin will now allow the authorities to evaluate other cases of religious leaders.”

On social media, Tariq Ramadan, who has been a persona non grata in France for years due to his political views, responded to this campaign that “the case of the expelled imam did not produce any reaction”, stating that “the majority remained silent, and nothing can be done.” Stop the Ministry of the Interior.”

The Moroccan imam Hassan Equesin, who fled from the French authorities after the decision to expel him from French soil, has been pursuing various interpretations about his whereabouts and the reasons for his escape, while his son assures that his father “actually left France”.

The story of this imam, activist on social networks, with his shocking videos, resurfaced after the decision of the French Ministry of the Interior to expel him from the country, for the ideas he promoted, while arguing that his “method is moderate and moderate.”

The Moroccan imam, who refused French citizenship, decided to flee his place of residence in northern France, and the hadiths indicate that he actually left France for Belgium, after learning that the French authorities were coming to him. to activate the deportation decision.