Morocco wins two golds and one silver and wins the grand prize for the best international invention

A team from the Moroccan School of Engineering Sciences, representing the Kingdom at the Istanbul International Inventions Fair (ISIF’22), won two gold medals and one silver, as well as the grand prize for the best international invention Received by the International Federation of Inventors Associations (IFIA).

Thus, the Smart Lab team, affiliated with the Moroccan School of Engineering Sciences, was crowned with two gold medals for the inventions “SiPROM” and “DONATE”, while the smart UV-C sterilization system project was crowned with a silver medal.

This international achievement adds to the achievements made by the Moroccan School of Engineering Sciences in the field of invention and innovation, and confirms once again the quality and maturity of the projects offered by Moroccan minds through the brilliance at this innovative event in Turkey. , in which more than 40 countries from all over the world participated and more than a thousand inventions have been presented.

In detail, the “SIProM” intelligent system is related to marine exploration, which is a network of intelligent robots each with one or several sensors to collect environmental, aerial, military and marine information.

The second invention “DONATE” is considered an intelligent, technical, innovative and continuous guarantor solution that allows collecting donations in a successful and attractive way. The idea was implemented by an engineering student at the Moroccan School of Engineering Sciences and was developed, standardized and incubated by the “Smarty Lab” of the same school.

Regarding the invention of the “intelligent sterilization system” (UV-C), the innovation aims to contribute to the field of health by developing a solution that allows systematic protection against viruses, bacteria or others, regardless of whether the areas of their presence whether in water, in the air, on surfaces or in any other way, through an intelligent system based on UV-C technology.

The director of Smarty Lab, Ibrahim El-Behairy, confirmed that the Moroccan innovations pavilion at the Istanbul International Inventions Fair “managed to attract the curiosity of a very large number of Turkish visitors and those from the rest of the world, to whom we provided clarifications about the three exhibited inventions”.

Al-Buhairi added that the inventors of the rest of the participating countries praised the great effort made by the Smart Lab and the quality of the inventions presented, highlighting that the participation of Morocco was an opportunity during which channels and avenues of cooperation were opened with some inventors. at the level of the host country of the exhibition or of the rest of inventors from all over the world.

The university professor added that the inventions, estimated at a thousand invention projects, were evaluated by a jury composed of Turkish and international experts and inventors, university and industrial professors, and directors of ideas and patent protection offices. jury members of three different nationalities (Croatian, Turkish and Ukrainian).

The Istanbul International Inventions Fair, organized by the Turkish government and under the auspices of the International Federation of Societies of Inventors until today, Sunday September 4, is an annual world event for the commercialization of patents, inventions, new products and ideas techniques.

Istanbul International Invention Fair, held at Charshamba Airport in Samsun State, witnessed competitions in the field of technology, as well as other space and technology related entertainment activities, and aircraft airshows turkish